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Introducing the APQP4Wind manual and website

26 January 2017

Today, the wind industry is under a massive pressure to optimize production and bring down the LCOE. Standardization is one of the keys to further drive down costs and to cement wind energy as a world-leading and cost-effective energy technology. With the launch of APQP4Wind’s new website and manual, the first step towards this has now been taken, as it will pave the way for better quality assurance in the production phase.

The APQP4Wind project began in 2015 as a project within "New standards in the wind industry", and today the project has matured to the point where the Danish Wind industry Association and its partners are ready to unveil the long awaited APQP4Wind manual, the accompanying website, as well as the upcoming training concept designed to ensure consistent and transparent standards in the production of wind turbines. Both the manual, the website and the training concept was presented on January 25that the APQP4Wind Kick-Off Event at Vestas Wind Systems in Aarhus.  

"The wind industry is ready to take the next step in quality assurance in production and by focusing on quality planning rather than just quality control, APQP4Wind will help to ensure fewer mistakes and thus lower costs," says Kim Nedergaard Jacobsen, project manager in the Danish Wind Industry Association.

The steering committee behind the project consists of quality managers from Vestas Wind Systems, Siemens Wind Power, KK Wind Solutions and LM Wind Power. Currently, the steering committee is developing the industry-specific quality assurance standard, which will ultimately be rolled out in both the Danish and international wind industry. To ensure that manufacturers and suppliers speak the same language when it comes to quality assurance, the standards will be supported by a training concept that ensures uniform application of the tool. Therefore, the project will also contribute to maturing the entire sub supplier base in the Danish wind industry through training in methods and processes that create more efficient workflows.

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Stay updated on the latest APQP4Wind news
The website will serve as a common platform on which the entire industry can gain insight into the project. Besides, frequently published news and articles and a sample of the new APQP4Wind manual will be available on the website.

"We have come so far in the process that we are now ready to share the knowledge that we have gained since we began working on APQP4WIND. However, we are still in the early phases of the project, so there can and will be a need for adaptation and development of both the manual and the training concept. For this reason, we are very open to inputs from specialists working with or overseeing quality assurance on a day-to-day basis. This way, we can make sure that APQP4Wind is a thoroughly tested and broadly validated tool," says Kim Nedergaard Jacobsen.

The website also includes a FAQ section, where it is possible to get answers to questions regarding the new standards. Regularly published information about the final development of the manual and the upcoming training program will be available during the initial phases.

A project that benefits the entire wind industry
APQP4Wind is facilitated by the Danish Wind Industry Association and supported by The Danish Industry Foundation. Once the APQP4Wind manual is completed, the goal is to expand the network and offer APQP4Wind training to the entire industry and throughout the value chain. APQP4Wind is a trademark registered quality management tool developed by quality experts from four of the industry’s biggest players, namely Vestas Wind Systems, Siemens Wind Power, LM Wind Power and KK Wind Solutions. In addition, a pilot group of specialists has helped to test and validate the APQP4Wind manual.

The Danish Industry Foundation ( has granted DKK 5.4 million to the project. 


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APQP: Advanced Product Quality Planning

APQP4WIND is inspired by the American quality management tool ‘Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)’, which was originally developed for the US automotive industry. APQP is a recognized standardization tool focusing on production processes and quality assurance. It can be used to systematically reduce production-related defects in the final product (the wind turbine), before components, subsystems and the finished product leave the factory.


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