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New training concept for simpler and more consistent quality assurance

30 January 2017

On January 25, the first version of the APQP4Wind manual designed to provide a basis for a more proactive approach to quality assurance was officially launched. APQP4Wind now presents the new training concept that has been developed to support a consistent use of the manual and ensure a common conceptual framework when working with quality assurance.

The new APQP4Wind training concept has been developed together with the APQP4Wind manual, which describes a set of common standards for quality assurance in the production processes. The manual as well as the training concept is still in the initial development phase, and as a starting point the Danish Wind Industry Association has chosen to make APQP4Wind training and certification available exclusively through the two training providers DNV GL and Bureau Veritas.

The two companies have been approved as APQP4Wind training providers as they are both globally present and therefore able to offer training worldwide, which supports the ambition to deploy the APQP4Wind standard as a global standard.

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Consistent use of the manual and simpler workflows

The new training concept has multiple advantages: It ensures that suppliers follow the same procedures for the approval of sub-components (PPAP - Product Part Approval Process), that they use the same terminology, and that they have the necessary understanding of how the standards are to be adopted in practice.

"As a training provider, we have worked with education and training in APQP and PPAP standards since the early 1990s, when the automotive industry first developed the QS9000 quality standard to optimize production processes in the auto industry. Now the wind industry is ready for this next step, and we are well prepared with more than 15 years of experience in training and educating specialists to have the same frame of reference when working with quality assurance. By establishing the same conceptual framework, we can assure a systematic and uniform approach, which creates value for both the companies and the industry as a whole," explains Peter Worck Nielsen, Customer Relations Manager Certification at Bureau Veritas.

Maturing of suppliers and increased competitiveness
The training concept will also be a contributing factor in maturing the entire chain of suppliers and sub suppliers (tier 1 and 2) through training in methods and processes that create more efficient workflows.

"The APQP4Wind training concept is unique because we now for the first time have a common standard, the right tools and a solid training concept that defines standards for quality management and quality assurance, specifically for the wind industry. With the assistance and proper training from a training provider, the concept will pave the way for a general maturing of the Danish supplier base and prepare the Danish wind industry to become the first in the world to adopt a common wind-specific quality standard, which will undoubtedly be a competitive parameter in the future. The people behind APQP4Wind have been ambitious to develop not only a set of standards but also a training concept that supports a uniform application of the standards, and we are ready and well prepared to train the industry so companies and their employees have a global certificate documenting that their production processes meet the customers' quality demands," says Kåre Appel Weng, Sales & Marketing Manager at DNV GL.

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Courses for all levels of the organization

The APQP4Wind training concept is targeted at quality managers and people working with quality assurance. The concept is comprised of 5 courses divided into different levels, all of which use the APQP4Wind manual as the basis for teaching. It is therefore only through participation in a training course with an APQP4Wind certified training provider that you get the full benefit and thorough understanding of the APQP4Wind manual and its defined standards.

After completing a course and passing the exam, the employee will receive a personalized certificate documenting completion at a satisfactory level. The certificate is valid globally for 3-5 years, after which it must be renewed to ensure that all certified personnel have the latest knowledge on quality planning and quality assurance. 


APQP4Wind training courses

Management Awareness Training
For managers and top management   

Awareness Training for all Employees
For all employees, cross functional teams. Webinar option available.   

Train-the-trainer course
For employees training colleagues in internal APQP processes.  

APQP/PPAP Specialist Training
Complete training course and workshop for APQP practitioners, engineers and specialists.  

Internal Auditor Training
For employees overseeing internal APQP auditing.     

For more information about prices and upcoming courses, see the training providers' websites:
Bureau Veritas


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APQP4Wind is subproject 2 of the cross-industry project "New standards in the wind industry", which is supported by The Danish Industry Foundation with DKK. 5.4 million over the years 2015-2018.

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